Woo hoo 150 Etsy sales

I am over the moon, thank you all so much for your support, when I started on Etsy I was imagining what it would feel like making 10 sales and wondering how on earth would I do it, after many hours reading, researching, posting and sharing I am super happy that today marks my 150th sale on Etsy. Thank you Sue for being my 150th Etsy customer <3


If you are just starting out, believe in yourself, don’t be discouraged by other peoples wins or successes, use this to inspire you to greatness. I really recommend you check out some of the threads on Etsy in the community section, network on social media, have a look at Mallory Whitfield,  who is awesome at digital marketing, has youtube videos and podcasts, also if you sign up to her newsletter she sends out really great content.

150 sales might be a tiny drop in the ocean to some bigger handmade businesses, but I have learned to celebrate and be proud of each win, no matter how small or big, this is about your achievements, not anyone elses. Don’t compare yourself to someone elses journey either, because we are all at different stages, no one is better than you because they have sold 20,000 things or even sold 10 things, they are just further on or behind you, in their own journey. We are all people and we all get 24 hours, some of us have more money, some of us have bigger homes, some of us has hardly any help with our children, some of us, have no children, some of us work 40 hour weeks for the man, some of us work 70 hour weeks for ourselves, the idea here, I am trying to get across is, the only thing that makes us the same is we are human and each get 24 hours a day.

So be inspired, learn a lot, ask questions, research, make lovely things, keep creating and be awesome!

  • Dotty
  • September 23, 2017
  • Art

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