I’m a mature student! BA (hons) fine art degree

Guess what has happened?

Well if you read the title you already know ๐Ÿ˜‰ but seriously this wasn’t on my life dream list, I had no intention at all of ever doing a degree, what little old me doing something so grown up and proper hahahaha I make myself smile.

Actually it went down like this:

I went to college to enroll on a 9 hour art colour course and the tutor said have you thought about doing a fine art degree, I said “No, I have read the blurb and it sounds to poncy to me”.

I don’t mince my words, I use the excuse I am 41 but I don’t think in the past 20 years or so, I have held back on my thoughts or feelings, well, as you can imagine his face went all squiffy and he just said

“oh right”. hahaha I had pissed on his bonfire hadn’t I?!.drawing-sept-2017

Fast forward 3 days and I had to pop back in to get the price of the course and pay for it as there had been a discrepancy when I originally went, with how much they wanted to charge. I had to ask for a bloke called Nick who ran the art dept, I was in reception, which is in the cafe bit and the receptionist pointed out a grey haired gentleman queueing up for coffee, so I went over and then stood there awkwardly while he chatted to the cafe server about her cakes, anyway I eventually introduced myself and explained what I wanted and he hadn’t even heard of the course, then went on to say, “have you thought about doing a degree”, here we drawing-fine-art-sept2017go again I thought, maybe the staff are on commission to recruit people onto courses.

This time though, I didn’t say it was poncy or pretentious, I asked what was involved, because maybe this was a sign from the universe. Nick explained the whole thing and I fell for it, I fell in love with the romantic notion of being a student at art college like when I was 16, before kids, before stretch marks and when I thought my main ambition in life was to be a fashion designer in London.


And that, friends is how you end up signing up to a 3 year art degree, I have had questions about the money, of course it costs billions to do a degree but its only bits of paper, when I am rich I will pay it back, because then I will be qualified and talking pretentious bollocks and selling my art for millions ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am not one for worrying about what if, I take it day by day and see what happens. I have also been asked why am I going back when I am already an artist?, good question and one I asked myself, the thing is I love to learn, just because I am good at certain art I am not good at everything, I also love researching and finding info and discovering new things, people and designs, this gives me an excuse to do that, I can justify the hours spent on the internet or reading books, I can also try new mediums and see and develop styles that I may not of touched before.


I also want that bit of paper with degree written on it. This may sound weird as I am pretty much against the man and the establishment, but I do have reasoning behind it. Firstly we want to move to somewhere amazing, over a wetherspoons breakfast, one rainy morning we narrowed the list down to Canada, Germany and France, then after more discussion and dreaming we have settled on Canada, if you know us already, you will wonder what happened to the Portugal dream, well bush fires, hairy caterpillars and uranium mines put pay to that, plus I am really shit in hot weather, I actually moan and itch a lot and Tom (Mr Delightful) would have a breakdown if we lived there because I would be a million times worse. Anyway back to the degree, to move to Canada, it is pretty helpful if you have a degree.

sept-2017Also, get this!, my mouth started talking the other day to a tutor and what was coming out was making my mind go crackers, a voice in my head was saying “shut up you nutter” but my mouth wouldn’t stop. So this is what I was saying, basically I feel like a fraud sat in my lovely home, making art, having a jolly time, being super happy and doing stuff I choose to do everyday. I feel like someone in a suit (because suits mean bossy authority in my mind) is going to come and knock on the door and say “oi, what do you think you are doing, being so happy in your pinafore/dungarees/petticoat and playing with paint, it’s against the law, now do something proper and grown up”

Crazy eh! but that’s the kinda stuff that happens in my brain, so I feel that with a bit of degree paper that has my name on it will make me proper and grown up. Like I can actually prove to the person in the suit that I am allowed to play and be happy.

So there you go. What is that all about? God knows, but I do know that I am enjoying myself, its tricky balancing everything because I am still a mum to the nutters and still have to run my biz and sort the house, dogs, food etc but I kinda like it. Plus I get to buy supplies, like fancy pencils and new paintbrushes (like I don’t have enough already) I also get to have 2 studios, does that make me greedy? one at home that is amazingly pink and full ofย  junk I mean collectables, and one at college that is white and minimal, phew what a learning curve that is for me, but again I like it because its challenging me.

I also get to use amazing equipment like big old print machines and be around other creatives. Nick is fabulous and our main tutor for drawing and painting and his passion is infectious, especially for condensed charcoal!trees-sept-2017

The art I have been making is very different but it is god to have a challenge and a change. I am starting very slowly to learn about arty bollocks talk and have discovered some new words (it’s like another language), they have some cool books in the library too. So being a student def has its perks.

I am going to take each challenge as it comes up and not get too caught up in the deadlines and that side of it, I am just going to give it my best shot and enjoy each day. I am finding it very mindful too, because the art I am creating isn’t for money or I don’t have to break off to cook dinner and deal with a meltdown. I can put my headphones in and listen to beautiful music and create.

  • Dotty
  • September 30, 2017
  • Uni

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