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What I wore my eclectic style

Hello beauties, loads of you don’t see me in day to day life and I am famous around my town for the weirdo in the bloomers 😉 so I thought it would be fun to share with you the kind of things I wear on a day to day basis without going somewhere fancy. I do spend the odd day in my unicorn nightie and rainbow bed socks, when I have no where to be or if I feel like I need a chill day and if you really want a photo of that let me know in the comments 😉


Most of the clothes I wear is either handmade or found in charity shops, people also pass things onto me and sometimes I buy something new if it really makes my heart sing. Pink girl above, I made the skirt, I love how when I twirl around it swishes out and has some old hand dyed net curtains as an underskirt. The vest is from H and M £4 (new) and the cardi was £1 from a catalogue seconds outlet in Blackpool town centre, the socks are amazing and are handmade by a lovely lady who I did a swap with online, I got some ace socks and she got a canvas. By the way, I am always up for sock/art swaps so get in touch if this is something you fancy.


My most recent purchase, a Monsoon top from Banardos charity shop for 99p!! I love the shape of it too, the skirt was from Primark and I got a hot pink one and a grey one too becuase they are super comfy and I was tired of feeling frumpy, so I thought I would show off the legs a bit, well with tights at least 😉 these rainbow tights have been an autumn favourite for a few years.


This is my most favourite skirt in the world, I got it from Seasalt 2 years ago in Dartmouth, I love the shape, because its got pockets and it’s great for travelling in, you can roll it up in your bag and the creases just drop out. This stripy slouch top was £2 in the sale at Primark. It kinda doesn’t match but I was all about the comfort this day.


My friend got in touch and sadi she had a pinafore dress she didn’t suit and did I want it, as soon as she mentioned it had pockets, I said yes! well its super ace and I have worn it so many times already, I might take a pattern from it and make some more before I totally wear it out. I’m wearing it here with handmade bloomers (by me) and a top I have had for years.


Handmade bloomers in Cath Kidston fabric, I might make some more of these for my Etsy shop, paired up with super comfy shoes from Clarkes, I got these in the sale and if you bought one pair you got another half price, so I chose a canary yellow pair. I had the pinafore on with this from the previous picture above.


I got this for 99p from Trinity hospice charity shop, this day was lovely for me because it was chilly enough to wear tights and scarf I and felt almost like autumn, I love autumn, the colours are wonderful and it’s not cold enough for a coat but not too hot that I get sweaty and irritable


The same 99p bargain, the monsoon top which fits me beautifully and feels amazing as in a previous photo. I’ve had the skirt for years, I made it from an Indian wall hanging, it was also chilly enough to wear my brown velvet jacket too.

Comfort is always my first priority when wearing clothes all day, I used to change about 4 times a day when I felt insecure in my past, I thought I had to dress to show off my shape (which was very different then, I was a size 8, but unhealthy becuase I lived on toast and cigarettes) so I chose clinging clothes, with push up underwired bras, fancy pants etc but it wasn’t me, I didn’t know I could choose to wear whatever I wanted just for me, not to impress men or fit in with the girls, I could find my style, live in it and love feeling like me everyday. Sometimes its hard being true to who you are, because you get laughed at or name called, you always get weird looks, but now I’m 41 I have realised its not my problem what others think of me, they have their own issues to deal with, what is important, is being me, being the true authentic me because that makes me truly happy.

#TransformationalTuesday Inspiring weight release after trauma

Wow! she is inspiring, what a transformation
I feel overweight at the moment, I am only 5’2 and weigh 11 stone, this week we started a new way of eating, transforming gut health and cutting out refined white flour, pasta etc. I am making sure I do some kind of exercise each day whether thats yoga, walking or dancing whilst making dinner, trying to get my body moving more.
I am not trying to ‘lose’ the weight though because that is living in lack, I am releasing it, as it no longer serves me. #TransformationalTuesday