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Hygge and cacao self love

Fairy lights make everything magical. I’d have fairy lights in every room if I could …….. oh wait I do 😂 all except the bathroom, I even have them in the hall, it’s my big winter/early spring tip to keep the blues away, blankets, fairy lights, hot chocolate and books, embrace the darkness, hunker down all cosy with all the fairy lights, very Hygge.

This is my studio at night, it’s such a cosy space but I do need to sort some curtains or fix the window as there is a cold draft.

Do you have fairy lights everywhere?, they transform any room, I really recommend you get some if you want a cosy/boho/hygge home

I got this quirky cloud lamp from The Range, they have loads of unusual and quirky lights and a huge craft section too, is there one near you?

So remember my top tips for cosy homes and embracing the dark nights….

Fairy lights, plants, cusions, candles and blankets, as many as possible…..everywhere 😉

Ohh and cacao hot chocolate too, treat yourself like a goddess, when the children are in bed, or when work is done for the day, allow yourself some indulgence, a hot bath with some lavender and oats in it, or a few drops of rose essential oil, warm pjs on the radiator or in front of the fire, rubbing oil into your body and thanking her for being yours and for being amazing (even if you don’t ‘like’ bits of your body) send these places extra love as your rub your hands over them.


What better than pampering yourself with a hot chocolate made with Sicilian orange oil, cacao, almond milk and maple syrup, add everything to a pan, warm through, give it a whisk to blend the cacao into the milk, when its hot, put into your favourite mug, wrap your hands around it and fell the deep flavours warm your soul, be prepared for feeling a little giddy and maybe even turned on as cacao is high in magnesium, iron and antioxidants.

Honouring moontime naturally

Let’s talk about moontime and what I do during it, the natural way. This may be so far out your comfort zone, you may be used to paracetamol and tampax but hear me out. Since switching to a natural way of embracing my moontime (period/menstruation) it is so much more healthier for my body and the planet. My mood swings are minimal and I feel better connected to my body. I do still feel pain, a lot of pain sometimes and my blood flow is very heavy for the first two days. But this moontime balm from @nurturing_soul is amazing at easing my back ache and cramps, peppermint oil for headaches,   Magnesium Glycinate for tension and headaches, Motherwort Liquid Extract Tincture for pms, handmade fabric pads which are washable and don’t make me sweat, they also have no plastic in.  Raspberry Leaf Tea for cramps and I’ve just gifted myself this book which I’m excited to read. As much rest as possible on the first two days helps too



I am going to try a new thing next ovulation, I’m going to do a yoni steam, I’ve blended lavender, rose petals, oregano, calendula together and it smells divine, I’m honouring my moon time more and this is the next step in my journey. Apparently they help with heavy periods, less clotting and a lighter flow, it is also meant to ease the pain, so I am going to give it a go and see what happens.

This moon time consists of me sitting in the living room, hot water bottle on my back, moon balm on my tummy, book reading, figure skating and film watching, tea drinking, smelling this amazing wild spirit candle from @nurturing_soul and doodling in my art book, moontime is a time for resting, pampering and honouring your body, if I rest up for the first couple of days and am gentle on my body throughout my moontime, then I am not achy and I don’t feel as tired.