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Hygge and cacao self love

Fairy lights make everything magical. I’d have fairy lights in every room if I could …….. oh wait I do 😂 all except the bathroom, I even have them in the hall, it’s my big winter/early spring tip to keep the blues away, blankets, fairy lights, hot chocolate and books, embrace the darkness, hunker down all cosy with all the fairy lights, very Hygge.

This is my studio at night, it’s such a cosy space but I do need to sort some curtains or fix the window as there is a cold draft.

Do you have fairy lights everywhere?, they transform any room, I really recommend you get some if you want a cosy/boho/hygge home

I got this quirky cloud lamp from The Range, they have loads of unusual and quirky lights and a huge craft section too, is there one near you?

So remember my top tips for cosy homes and embracing the dark nights….

Fairy lights, plants, cusions, candles and blankets, as many as possible…..everywhere 😉

Ohh and cacao hot chocolate too, treat yourself like a goddess, when the children are in bed, or when work is done for the day, allow yourself some indulgence, a hot bath with some lavender and oats in it, or a few drops of rose essential oil, warm pjs on the radiator or in front of the fire, rubbing oil into your body and thanking her for being yours and for being amazing (even if you don’t ‘like’ bits of your body) send these places extra love as your rub your hands over them.


What better than pampering yourself with a hot chocolate made with Sicilian orange oil, cacao, almond milk and maple syrup, add everything to a pan, warm through, give it a whisk to blend the cacao into the milk, when its hot, put into your favourite mug, wrap your hands around it and fell the deep flavours warm your soul, be prepared for feeling a little giddy and maybe even turned on as cacao is high in magnesium, iron and antioxidants.

Show us your plants boho artist decor

I’m a plant lover, I adore them inside and out and I love the #showusyourplants challenge, now I’ve moved them from all around the house I want the living room to be like this all the time, a jungle oasis of plant energy 🌿


Fitting everything in this past month has been tiring, I am at uni full time and still running my art biz, having lovely days out and finally going on holiday to Norway, first time I have ever been on a plane and been abroad, it was so exciting and what a magical and very clean place Norway is. I have been exploring different techniques at uni and not had very much chance to create my own pieces, I am super aware that Christmas is looming soon and I have a couple of events I am having a stall at, so I need to get making quickly!

Most of the work I have already is now on display for sale in a lovely centre of serenity, a studio which has crystal healing, yoga, meditation etc not too far from where I live.


I can’t believe it’s November already! seriously this year has gone super fast, some great things from October are:

When the Asda delivery arrived  he said to me “ohh are the flowers for someone special?” I said “yes,me I’m treating myself”, he looked confused and said “isn’t that someone else’s job?” So I smiled and said “if I don’t treat myself, how will I know how to treat others?”
That’s not the response he was expecting!! 😂 my beautiful flowers, £2 to give me joy for the next week or so 💗because I’m worth it and so are you!



My lamp came home, I loaned it to a charity who had a cafe in the local library along with some paintings and now it’s closed I got to bring them home again. I forgot how I love it when it’s lit up, it took me hours to make and I remember my arms aching with holding them up to tie the fabric. I’m not quite sure where to put it, but for now it can stay in the dining room.
We had lots of days where my beautiful studio was sunny and warm, I spent a lot of days packaging parcels, painting backgrounds and  enjoying this beautiful room 💗🙏🏻
I am so grateful for this space.
I did a quick watercolour illustration
I love this quote,
the word impossible actually means I’m possible, and everything you can see around you that is man made started with imagination, everything began with a dream
This day was a red tights and yellow shoes kind of day. These summery autumn days are just warm enough to wear no coat and to get the tights back out, I love the weather, such a blessing to have an Indian summer in October.
Let’s hope November is just as lovely x

Make your own dreamcatcher

I have been in a bit of a boho bliss here, I haven’t had as many orders as January, so have taken some time to concentrate on our home and get around to the creative things I have been wanting to do for some time.

Oh my goddess I am in love! I finished my giant dream catcher from a hula hoop complete with rose lights, beads, vintage lace, ribbon, wool, feathers from one of our past chickens, vintage doilies and vintage mirror beads from an evening jacket collar. It’s take me the best part of a day to make but I couldn’t be happier



 I’m also making over a cupboard in the dining room that was a fifties cupboard I have had for years and it was looking tired and dull, every time I ate my dinner I looked at it and thought it looked dreary so I put all the other millions of jobs aside and started late last night, it’s evolving and developing into something lovely. I have some gorgeous vintage embroidered ribbon and Pom Pom trim to embellish it when it’s finally finished, still a long way to go yet
Its nice to have chance to do some things just to play, but the guilt of ‘should be’ is always there, in this society we are super conditioned that we should always be doing things to make money, to get higher, to achieve more etc.
Sometimes its good to step back and just be.