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New York here I come!

Ok folks I can finally reveal my big secret wow!!

Flights are now booked…..

I am truly blessed and honoured to be asked by Camerados to go to New York in December to work with an artist over there who is doing an installation project that we will be working on together.
I am truly over the moon and so grateful, this is a dream come true and it all started 2 years ago when I responded to a tweet about being a friend to people in the community.
Remember when I did some free art classes at the library and I mentioned a few weeks ago how I collected my art and lamp as they were closing, that’s all the same thing.
There is a group of us in Blackpool who are working alongside Camerados to bring friends and purpose, fun and love to the town with a series of events and pop up activities.

So back to New York 😍 we will be doing an installation on Brooklyn Bridge, I will get to share ideas and art, explore, make connections and spread the joy of Camerados. Plus I’m determined to get to one of their huge thrift shops!!

Dreams come true people. Believe it πŸ™πŸ»
Check out mc_gutty on instagram for amazing photos like these

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  • November 30, 2017
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Show us your plants boho artist decor

I’m a plant lover, I adore them inside and out and I love the #showusyourplants challenge, now I’ve moved them from all around the house I want the living room to be like this all the time, a jungle oasis of plant energy 🌿


Fitting everything in this past month has been tiring, I am at uni full time and still running my art biz, having lovely days out and finally going on holiday to Norway, first time I have ever been on a plane and been abroad, it was so exciting and what a magical and very clean place Norway is. I have been exploring different techniques at uni and not had very much chance to create my own pieces, I am super aware that Christmas is looming soon and I have a couple of events I am having a stall at, so I need to get making quickly!

Most of the work I have already is now on display for sale in a lovely centre of serenity, a studio which has crystal healing, yoga, meditation etc not too far from where I live.


I can’t believe it’s November already! seriously this year has gone super fast, some great things from October are:

When the Asda delivery arrivedΒ  he said to me “ohh are the flowers for someone special?” I said “yes,me I’m treating myself”, he looked confused and said “isn’t that someone else’s job?” So I smiled and said “if I don’t treat myself, how will I know how to treat others?”
That’s not the response he was expecting!! πŸ˜‚ my beautiful flowers, Β£2 to give me joy for the next week or so πŸ’—because I’m worth it and so are you!



My lamp came home, I loaned it to a charity who had a cafe in the local library along with some paintings and now it’s closed I got to bring them home again. I forgot how I love it when it’s lit up, it took me hours to make and I remember my arms aching with holding them up to tie the fabric. I’m not quite sure where to put it, but for now it can stay in the dining room.
We had lots of days where my beautiful studio was sunny and warm, I spent a lot of days packaging parcels, painting backgrounds andΒ  enjoying this beautiful room πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ»
I am so grateful for this space.
I did a quick watercolour illustration
I love this quote,
the word impossible actually means I’m possible, and everything you can see around you that is man made started with imagination, everything began with a dream
This day was a red tights and yellow shoes kind of day. These summery autumn days are just warm enough to wear no coat and to get the tights back out, I love the weather, such a blessing to have an Indian summer in October.
Let’s hope November is just as lovely x

Woo hoo 150 Etsy sales

I am over the moon, thank you all so much for your support, when I started on Etsy I was imagining what it would feel like making 10 sales and wondering how on earth would I do it, after many hours reading, researching, posting and sharing I am super happy that today marks my 150th sale on Etsy. Thank you Sue for being my 150th Etsy customer <3


If you are just starting out, believe in yourself, don’t be discouraged by other peoples wins or successes, use this to inspire you to greatness. I really recommend you check out some of the threads on Etsy in the community section, network on social media, have a look at Mallory Whitfield,Β  who is awesome at digital marketing, has youtube videos and podcasts, also if you sign up to her newsletter she sends out really great content.

150 sales might be a tiny drop in the ocean to some bigger handmade businesses, but I have learned to celebrate and be proud of each win, no matter how small or big, this is about your achievements, not anyone elses. Don’t compare yourself to someone elses journey either, because we are all at different stages, no one is better than you because they have sold 20,000 things or even sold 10 things, they are just further on or behind you, in their own journey. We are all people and we all get 24 hours, some of us have more money, some of us have bigger homes, some of us has hardly any help with our children, some of us, have no children, some of us work 40 hour weeks for the man, some of us work 70 hour weeks for ourselves, the idea here, I am trying to get across is, the only thing that makes us the same is we are human and each get 24 hours a day.

So be inspired, learn a lot, ask questions, research, make lovely things, keep creating and be awesome!

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  • September 23, 2017
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Weekly catch up from a colourful seaside artist

My computer desk, this is where I have been all Sunday afternoon, trying to get some kind of business plan together, making digital art, learning about focus, I need that, I am so scatter brained and flit from one thing to another, I meet myself in circles some days! I’m updating my cover headers on fb as I feel they don’t fit me anymore. Constantly changing and growing in life and especially in business is pretty exhausting! I do love social media for the amazing connections and opportunities but I also wonder if we would all be happier without the constant pull of our phones, the pressure to keep up, to be noticed, to have a presence. I’m pondering a lot today. It’s my moontime and I always get deep and thoughtful or totally exhausted


What a beautiful night I had on Friday, me and 3 girlfriends went up to my friends farm retreat and had a sound bath, it was so relaxing I fell asleep towards the end. Then we was blessed with this amazing sunset. On the way home we tried to rescue a lamb that had got out of its field, talked for ages about motherhood, life and our woes and how as women we have so much to deal with and are basically winging it, we look at other women and think they have it all together when really, they are just winging it too. I always try and be positive about situations but things do affect me and even though I may look like I could be one of those women who have it all together, I’m not. Right now I am on herbal tablets for nervousness and tension, I feel a bit lost. My sons are going through the teen stage of not letting me hug them and I feel rejected. My youngest who is autistic is really hard work, his moods change with the wind and it’s exhausting trying to keep happy around him. Working at the hotel is not making my soul sing but until my art sales increase it’s something I must do right now to pay our bills. But I am blessed beyond measure with being alive, my loving partner, our beautiful home and wonderful friends. The experiences I have that bring me so much joy like last night. I wanted to share this because, ladies we are all just doing our best and that is all we can do. Much love to all the mamas, all the carers, the women who work to support their families, the women who have had crappy upbringings, the single ladies, the divorcees, widows, all of you beautiful, amazing ladies who need to know you are truly wonderful and are amazing.



A bit of playing with watercolours on Staurday night and I just finished Sunday morning, it’s always nice to do art for fun and it’s a learning curve using watercolours and ink as it flows much easier than acrylics, it’s all about layering up, acrylics have the depth and texture already. I feel 12 again, painting for the first time.



In my studio catching up with the latest news on social media with a cup of lemon and ginger tea before I start my day. I have been working at a hotel this week to top up our income, so I like to get as much studio time in as possible.



Morning walk on the beach with the dogs and my partner, Tom. We are training the dogs to be off lead one at a time and not runaway to sniff barnacles! So they take it in turns and are doing really well. It’s so warm today and everything was calm and bright. I love time on the beach and am so grateful it’s 10 minutes away from our home. Check out the video.

April fool art sale and March madness

April fool art sale and March madnessnew-april

I am having a crazy 50% off sale for today only over on my Etsy page, I think I have spring fever πŸ˜‰

Looking back on March to make this photo collage has been wonderful, I had so many outdoor adventures and made loads of art, I also tried new techniques which has inspired a new batch of mixed media canvasses.


I love being on social media and am thankful for sharing friends glimpses into their lives and families.
But everyone remember that social media is a tiny part of our lives, the best bits, the on show bits for the world to see or like an online diary without the most shitty bits included.
We are all just doing our best, we are all just winging it and trying to make the most out of the small amount of time we have in this lifetime. We all have days where we scream and shout, where you want to do nothing more than hide under the duvet, where the housework has been left, where the teens don’t speak to you, your younger children don’t seem to sleep or you feel so lonely you cry.
Just because we see pretty pictures of days out, holidays, nice food, romances, toned bodies, weddings, perfect homes etc that we all share doesn’t mean that everyone apart from you has there shit figured out πŸ’—
I try and use photos to inspire, I try and see other peoples photos and be inspired, sometimes jealously, resentment, anger or sadness comes up inside, this is a time for reflection, a time to really look at and work on where and why those feelings are happening to you. Just because you are not half way around the world or because your home isn’t how you would like it to be, or you feel there is no romance or love in your life, don’t let it feed the sadness, let it feed the inspiring part, to change and grow, to learn and do.
Life is full of rainbows and thunderstorms 🌈 we have to ride them all and one day there will be more rainbows and sunshine rather than clouds and rain.