I create these paintings to send out love and positivity around the world, to share the amazing gifts I have been blessed with, so you can smile every day when your beautiful eyes see my creations. I smudge my space with home grown sage before creating each piece and I listen to chakra meditation music with binaural beats and isochronic tones, whilst I lovingly paint the coloured background with acrylic paints, to send out positively charged energy art.

Art feeds my soul, the feeling of being grubby with paint and glue on my fingers is my kind of heaven, carefuly sticking sequins on my work or sprinkling glitter makes me happy. When I create I lose myself in the moment, time dissapears and the only thing that remains is the joy and magic pouring out of my heart onto the page. I get super excited when a piece is nearly finished because I want to share it with the world. Each time someone buys something I have made, my soul sings and my heart smiles and my pet unicorn jumps over a rainbow.

I take commissions, just contact me. I sell through my Etsy shop too.