Monthly Archives: May 2017

Weekly catch up from a colourful seaside artist

My computer desk, this is where I have been all Sunday afternoon, trying to get some kind of business plan together, making digital art, learning about focus, I need that, I am so scatter brained and flit from one thing to another, I meet myself in circles some days! I’m updating my cover headers on fb as I feel they don’t fit me anymore. Constantly changing and growing in life and especially in business is pretty exhausting! I do love social media for the amazing connections and opportunities but I also wonder if we would all be happier without the constant pull of our phones, the pressure to keep up, to be noticed, to have a presence. I’m pondering a lot today. It’s my moontime and I always get deep and thoughtful or totally exhausted


What a beautiful night I had on Friday, me and 3 girlfriends went up to my friends farm retreat and had a sound bath, it was so relaxing I fell asleep towards the end. Then we was blessed with this amazing sunset. On the way home we tried to rescue a lamb that had got out of its field, talked for ages about motherhood, life and our woes and how as women we have so much to deal with and are basically winging it, we look at other women and think they have it all together when really, they are just winging it too. I always try and be positive about situations but things do affect me and even though I may look like I could be one of those women who have it all together, I’m not. Right now I am on herbal tablets for nervousness and tension, I feel a bit lost. My sons are going through the teen stage of not letting me hug them and I feel rejected. My youngest who is autistic is really hard work, his moods change with the wind and it’s exhausting trying to keep happy around him. Working at the hotel is not making my soul sing but until my art sales increase it’s something I must do right now to pay our bills. But I am blessed beyond measure with being alive, my loving partner, our beautiful home and wonderful friends. The experiences I have that bring me so much joy like last night. I wanted to share this because, ladies we are all just doing our best and that is all we can do. Much love to all the mamas, all the carers, the women who work to support their families, the women who have had crappy upbringings, the single ladies, the divorcees, widows, all of you beautiful, amazing ladies who need to know you are truly wonderful and are amazing.



A bit of playing with watercolours on Staurday night and I just finished Sunday morning, it’s always nice to do art for fun and it’s a learning curve using watercolours and ink as it flows much easier than acrylics, it’s all about layering up, acrylics have the depth and texture already. I feel 12 again, painting for the first time.



In my studio catching up with the latest news on social media with a cup of lemon and ginger tea before I start my day. I have been working at a hotel this week to top up our income, so I like to get as much studio time in as possible.



Morning walk on the beach with the dogs and my partner, Tom. We are training the dogs to be off lead one at a time and not runaway to sniff barnacles! So they take it in turns and are doing really well. It’s so warm today and everything was calm and bright. I love time on the beach and am so grateful it’s 10 minutes away from our home. Check out the video.