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#TransformationalTuesday Inspiring weight release after trauma

Wow! she is inspiring, what a transformation
I feel overweight at the moment, I am only 5’2 and weigh 11 stone, this week we started a new way of eating, transforming gut health and cutting out refined white flour, pasta etc. I am making sure I do some kind of exercise each day whether thats yoga, walking or dancing whilst making dinner, trying to get my body moving more.
I am not trying to ‘lose’ the weight though because that is living in lack, I am releasing it, as it no longer serves me. #TransformationalTuesday


April fool art sale and March madness

April fool art sale and March madnessnew-april

I am having a crazy 50% off sale for today only over on my Etsy page, I think I have spring fever 😉

Looking back on March to make this photo collage has been wonderful, I had so many outdoor adventures and made loads of art, I also tried new techniques which has inspired a new batch of mixed media canvasses.


I love being on social media and am thankful for sharing friends glimpses into their lives and families.
But everyone remember that social media is a tiny part of our lives, the best bits, the on show bits for the world to see or like an online diary without the most shitty bits included.
We are all just doing our best, we are all just winging it and trying to make the most out of the small amount of time we have in this lifetime. We all have days where we scream and shout, where you want to do nothing more than hide under the duvet, where the housework has been left, where the teens don’t speak to you, your younger children don’t seem to sleep or you feel so lonely you cry.
Just because we see pretty pictures of days out, holidays, nice food, romances, toned bodies, weddings, perfect homes etc that we all share doesn’t mean that everyone apart from you has there shit figured out 💗
I try and use photos to inspire, I try and see other peoples photos and be inspired, sometimes jealously, resentment, anger or sadness comes up inside, this is a time for reflection, a time to really look at and work on where and why those feelings are happening to you. Just because you are not half way around the world or because your home isn’t how you would like it to be, or you feel there is no romance or love in your life, don’t let it feed the sadness, let it feed the inspiring part, to change and grow, to learn and do.
Life is full of rainbows and thunderstorms 🌈 we have to ride them all and one day there will be more rainbows and sunshine rather than clouds and rain.